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Forest Stewardship Council Data

If you are building for the FSC app Categories, you’ll need to use their data. Free access and documentation is available HERE.

Forest Stewardship Council Applications

These apps will allow FSC to perform audit and certification work fully remotely. Each step of the certification process is currently time consuming and dependent on in-person interactions that are not possible with current travel restrictions. Here is an overview of the three distinct apps and how they all fit together to create one certification flow:

App 1: Initial Pre-assessment

App 1 should cover pre-filtering, certification self-assessments, and submissions to the certification body and must use the Forest Stewardship Council data.

    • Users: company applying for certification, the Certification Body, and the accreditation organization (ASI)
    • Pre-filter applicants
    • Digital checklist of FSC requirements 
    • Library of supporting documentation
    • Ability to upload compliance data into relevant database fields
    • Exchange data between the applicant and the Certification Body
    • Signed declaration of data authenticity
    • Signed agreement for data sharing and confidentiality

App 2: Qualify for a Virtual Audit

App 2 should cover risk verification (e.g. checklist for qualitative criteria), spatial risk verification (e.g. COVID-19 travel restrictions), and the ability to move forward with a virtual audit and must use the Forest Stewardship Council data. 

    • Users: the Certification Body and the accreditation organization (ASI)
    • Verify risks based on qualitative criteria in App 1’s digital checklist
    • Verify external risks, such as travel restrictions
    • May use ArcGIS data from Esri
    • Automatically highlight green (pass) or red (fail) for audit qualification
    • Ability to DocuSign and send a remote audit justification document

App 3: Virtual Audit

App 3 should cover virtual site visits, interviews, and document verification for the certification body, as well as issuing the official certificate and must use the Forest Stewardship Council data. 

    • Users: the Certification Body and the accreditation organization (ASI)
    • Access to the digital checklist and uploaded compliance data from App 1
    • Ability to add comments and additional documents that are hidden from the applicant
    • Virtual site and office visit with multiple people - get creative with fun technology like VR and drones!
    • Store data collected during the site visits
    • Issue and sign the certificate