Collaborate and win big(ger)

Hopefully, you noticed that there’s a big bonus prize on the line for the best collaboration for pulling together all three FSC apps into one. While you can potentially win this prize by completing all three apps with just yourself or your team, we encourage you to team up with another group.  After all, new friends are the biggest prize.

Here are a few tips to help you join your apps:

  • Agree on common languages, platforms, and frameworks. If you can find other teams to collaborate with via Slack in the beginning, you can get organized.
  • Match your branding. Come up with a naming convention for the apps and use matching images. 
  • Agree on common UX. For a seamless user experience, all three applications should function in generally the same ways.
  • Share feedback. Swap code repos and demo videos for a new perspective. Constructive criticism should be polite!
  • Stay organized. Sync up often and check each person’s progress. Create a shared Google Doc, a Trello board, or even just a private chat group in Slack. Keep each other accountable!

Connect via Slack

Join our competition Slack channel. You can use this channel to not only talk in real time with other participants (and maybe find a teammate), but also to ask questions of the competition managers. Just make sure to be respectful – we all have the same goal (building cool stuff).

Use the competition Participants page to connect

In our experience, it’s more fun to code with a friend. On the Participants tab, you can:

  • Look for teammates by introducing yourself to the community. Mention any ideas you have and what kind of teammates you’re looking for.
  • Sort participants by the number of projects and followers they have or by registration date.
  • Search participants by name, skills, and portfolio info.
  • Reach out to potential teammates and get to know each other.
  • Collaborate on something amazing!

Start a discussion 

If you’d rather start a conversation about your ideas and get others to come to you, consider starting a thread on the Discussion Board. You don’t need to do a full reveal, but be sure to say enough about what you’d like to do / what you need to get potential teammates excited.